An early stage Investment opportunity


A smartphone user looks at his phone 150-300 times each day

56% of digital ads are not seen.

An advertising platform for the future

Advertising to an incentivized target audience which actively wants to see the ads - ensuring a very high engagement rate.

The Mytoz app pushes a message to the start screen every time the user activates the screen, which he does 150 to 300 times each day.

For the user, this means incentivized advertising. For the advertiser, this means incredible engagement rates.

For the investor - this means exponential growth and a quick and high potential return on their holding.

Mytoz shall become a global player within 4-5 years.

To see how it works in practice, download the app.

Invest now in a company that has the potential to go global

Mytoz will be the only company to offer ads on the full screen of smartphones before they are even unlocked. This is an unique ad platform that can grow exponentially and worldwide.

There are 5 billion smartphones worldwide.

Smartphones have become our most personal and intimate daily companions. What better way to advertise than through carefully targeted advertising - to the right audience, at the right time?

We offer our users products at very big real discounts due to the fact that our earnings shall not come from the sales of products but from the advertising platform.

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The potential is big. Help us make it huge.




Mytoz was founded by Rolf Lundqvist, ex-CEO of IKEA in Italy.

Rolf has over 30 years of retail experience and has had leading positions at global and local companies like IKEA, H&M, Gap, Banana Republic and OVVIO. He is and has always been a true team-builder.

Rolf has worked and lived in many different countries but now lives on the west coast of Sweden.


Ian is an experienced digital marketing lead with a solid background and the technical ability to make a difference.

He has 7 years of digital marketing experience. Ian is experienced in both large and complex online marketing strategies.

He has worked with Career Jet (London), Name On (Stockholm) and Informa in London, he is currently the CMO of Picfair in London.

Ian was born 1989 in Romania and now he lives and works in London.

Mytoz is already up and running having a working product.

With you as an investor, we can make Mytoz a success and faster gain, users, advertisers and the value of the company to grow.

By pledging a minimum of €1.000 today you ensure that you hold a stake in the company that is poised to challenge the 500+ billion online advertising market.

Before making a decision, please ensure you’ve read our investor-facing documents below:

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